Day 5

Guess what? I did NOT wake up wanting a coke! WooHoo!!!!! I’ve been keeping the caffeine headache at bay using a… maybe less than conventional approach: I take 2 Midol a day. It has caffeine in it and if it keeps THAT headache away, I’m all for it!
I had to go back to the grocery to restock on mostly produce. We have blasted through a TON of cucumbers, which the store was OUT of!
Everyone is still alive and no one is at each others throats- yet. I call that a win! 🙂


April 12, 2016

B: Frittata left overs
L: Taco salad, cantaloupe
(Kids lunch: Same but with corn also)
Snack: Cinnamon peaches with coconut milk
Dinner: Mango chile chicken* with cilantro lime “rice”** and a salad

*This is one of our “standard” recipes we eat quite a bit. We seem to be quite drawn to tropical flavors here, lol.

**I used cauliflower instead, of course!

April 11, 2016

B: Fried eggs and ham, it was NOT green, lol
L: Today was kind of a “fend for yourself” day at home. I had some strawberries and a banana I think. I wasn’t too hungry.
(Kids lunch: I think they had PBJ, I honestly don’t remember and forgot to write it down :|)
Snack: Apples and almond butter
Dinner: Turkey tacos in a lettuce wrap with salsa, salsa verde and toppings…

Day 4

Today was the first day I woke up NOT wanting sugar for breakfast. But I do want a Coke, pretty badly.

Oh Day 4. You started out so beautifully but ended SO tragically. 😦
My daughter is 23, she’s on this Whole30 adventure with me. She’s in cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell and Sunday night (Day 4) was their “Prom” night. About an hour before prom her date called. He had fallen and was hurt, badly. He ended up in the hospital with a massive herniated disc in his back, as of today he’s still there!
Now, this in itself may not seem too tragic, but consider this: her Jr. prom I was in the hospital and didn’t get to see her, her Sr. prom she got in a wreck on the way to prom. Last years Paul Mitchell prom she ended up just staying home. She has a pretty bad track record with going to prom. We indulged in emotional eating 😦 We had CHIPS and salsa and margaritas. I will say there IS a silver lining, neither of us had a coke, lol

Lesson 3

I am not the only one benefiting from Whole30. My guinea pigs Georgie and Clementine are fat and happy with the sudden influx of veggie and fruit scraps. And once the pigs are full the rest of it is going into the compost (read that like Grandpa Pig says it: com-pahhhst, lol)
My local produce stand is REALLY benefiting! lol
This program is a bit pricey, probably because there are toddlers and a husband involved who are NOT on the program. But, I have a compost bin, which means I have a garden, which means in a few weeks I’ll have more cucumbers, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, etc… than I know what to do with! Yay!
Oh, and also? Potatoes turn a REAL funky color after you grate them if you don’t cook them within about 4 miliseconds!

April 9, 2016

B: Banana chia pudding* and a slice of ham
L: Chicken tenders**, cucumber tomato salad, grapes
(Kids lunch: Same)
Snack: Cuties
Dinner: Homemade Chicken soup (kids and hubs had biscuits too)

*This turned out like it was supposed to but TO ME was kinda weird. Now, it grew on me and it was better for me with strawberries. But I won’t lie, throughout the day I had 3 bowls of it. I can only describe it as flavorless flavor, lol

**These were really good. I didn’t follow the directions like I should have, so it was a little dry to me. But the coconut and almond flour aren’t bad. I dipped in salsa, bc it’s salsa. The kidlets had ketchup.