Day 4

Today was the first day I woke up NOT wanting sugar for breakfast. But I do want a Coke, pretty badly.

Oh Day 4. You started out so beautifully but ended SO tragically. 😦
My daughter is 23, she’s on this Whole30 adventure with me. She’s in cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell and Sunday night (Day 4) was their “Prom” night. About an hour before prom her date called. He had fallen and was hurt, badly. He ended up in the hospital with a massive herniated disc in his back, as of today he’s still there!
Now, this in itself may not seem too tragic, but consider this: her Jr. prom I was in the hospital and didn’t get to see her, her Sr. prom she got in a wreck on the way to prom. Last years Paul Mitchell prom she ended up just staying home. She has a pretty bad track record with going to prom. We indulged in emotional eating 😦 We had CHIPS and salsa and margaritas. I will say there IS a silver lining, neither of us had a coke, lol


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