April 11, 2016

B: Fried eggs and ham, it was NOT green, lol
L: Today was kind of a “fend for yourself” day at home. I had some strawberries and a banana I think. I wasn’t too hungry.
(Kids lunch: I think they had PBJ, I honestly don’t remember and forgot to write it down :|)
Snack: Apples and almond butter
Dinner: Turkey tacos in a lettuce wrap with salsa, salsa verde and toppings…

April 9, 2016

B: Banana chia pudding* and a slice of ham
L: Chicken tenders**, cucumber tomato salad, grapes
(Kids lunch: Same)
Snack: Cuties
Dinner: Homemade Chicken soup (kids and hubs had biscuits too)

*This turned out like it was supposed to but TO ME was kinda weird. Now, it grew on me and it was better for me with strawberries. But I won’t lie, throughout the day I had 3 bowls of it. I can only describe it as flavorless flavor, lol

**These were really good. I didn’t follow the directions like I should have, so it was a little dry to me. But the coconut and almond flour aren’t bad. I dipped in salsa, bc it’s salsa. The kidlets had ketchup.