Lesson 3

I am not the only one benefiting from Whole30. My guinea pigs Georgie and Clementine are fat and happy with the sudden influx of veggie and fruit scraps. And once the pigs are full the rest of it is going into the compost (read that like Grandpa Pig says it: com-pahhhst, lol)
My local produce stand is REALLY benefiting! lol
This program is a bit pricey, probably because there are toddlers and a husband involved who are NOT on the program. But, I have a compost bin, which means I have a garden, which means in a few weeks I’ll have more cucumbers, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, etc… than I know what to do with! Yay!
Oh, and also? Potatoes turn a REAL funky color after you grate them if you don’t cook them within about 4 miliseconds!


Lesson 2

Reading labels is TEDIOUS!!!! Real tedious!
Everything on the planet has sugar in it!
Even soy substitutes have soy in them. What the what?

Lesson 1

Lesson 1 is this: BE PREPARED! I was not prepared for this morning. I did not have the sausage mixed for breakfast and I did not have the ground beef browned for lunch.
My future suggestion to myself is to pick one day a week or every 4 days or so and mix and freeze, or just mix at least. And also, don’t wait till the night before to go grocery shopping, because there will be PLENTY that your local superstore is out of!