Day 1

Even though I was unprepared, I’m calling Day 1 a success. Maybe not a roaring success, but a success. I stuck to my menu, I had no sugar. I really didn’t feel hungry, I drank a LOT of water (for me anyway). Keep in mind I am a Coke drinker. At the height of my Coke addiction I was drinking upwards of 12 20oz bottles of Coke PER DAY! Oh yes! I love me some Coke.
Lunch today was good, dinner tonight was dynamite! I did pretty much annihilate the kitchen cooking it, but it’s allgood.
Yesterday I went to the doctor for a check up and blood work. When the 30 days are up I’ll go back and redo it to compare. I was also weighed- eek! I’ll weigh again at the end of the 30. I should have measured tonight, or rather this morning, but I didn’t. I’ll do it tomorrow.
Tomorrow. Day 2.


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